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sorry, I asked a question on a thread earlier and @brandon.ringe helped me a lot, I just wanted to follow up on the last question: is there any Clojure tooling which doesn't have this limitation? (of only being able to debug forms which were explicitly re-evaluated using the REPL)


Possibly Cursive. It has a very strong debugger.


I wondered that, but it says that it uses cider/nrepl ("extensively") in the docs, so it seems that it would share any limitations.


It is also using other stuff. 😃 The debugger is implemented directly on the JVM. Check this out:


@U63D7UXJB You may also be interested in flow-storm. There are a couple of links to info about it in this issue:


It works a bit differently, though, and is not integrated with the editor. Well, it also probably wouldn't help with the issue you're talking about either. Even still, it may interest you. :man-shrugging:


thanks a lot for this, belatedly, very interesting

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Hey, How do I turn off inline eval? I prefer just seeing the results in the REPL.


You can't turn that off.

Yuner Bekir13:06:55

Hello guys, I am trying to start my project with calva and I am using the leiningen + Legacy Figwheel project type. I usually don't have problems with it. But recently it started behaving strangely and it doesn't want to connect to a cljs repl. After which if you attempt to evaluate anything on it, it just doesn't happen. Sometimes the problem gets fixed on its own. For example if I wait till tomorrow it may startup normaly


That looks like a bug. Can you file an issue on Github about it? If you do it from VS Code’s Help menu some info about your setup will be attached.

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