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Is there a way to unwrap a block that is already wrapped [] {} or () in Calva?


Paredit splice does that.


None of these spilces have an effect on list, map or vector. Are there special settings needed in Calva? @U0ETXRFEW


So, this doesn’t work for you?


Or turn off strict mode and use the backspace key 🙂

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@U0ETXRFEW not as expected, but it appears that I did not need to select the sexp to unrwap it )


Issue resolved, thanks

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It should work with a selection as well… But still could be unexpected that it unwraps the enclosement of what is selected. Anyway, generally Paredit helps you select structurally, but does not need selections to edit the structure.


And for completeness. In case you haven’t found it, there’s a visual guide to Calva Paredit:


Demo of the Clojure REPL (or if it is of the Calva Standalone Clojure REPL 😃 ) using the FizzBuzz problem as the example. Please like and subscribe, Calva-friends!

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Looks great! The feature where the result of an eval is shown next to the code (as opposed to the REPL window) is recent? I tried Calva a few months ago and if I remember correctly it didn’t do that, but I might have missed it then


Thanks! It’s an old feature. Doesn’t happen in the REPL window, though, so you might have missed it if you were mainly trying things out there.


Nice, I can’t understand how I missed it 😅 I’ll try calva again later today! I’m an emacs user so I probably won’t switch to vscode anytime soon, but I often recommend vscode+calva for new clojure programmers, so I’d rather know how to use it to help troubleshooting


@U7S5E44DB Great! I can recommend trying out the Getting Started REPL, and if you like it, then recommend that to newcomers.

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