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Janne Sauvala15:06:15

Does someone happen to know a good alternative to ‘counsel-file-jump’ that would list all files in the current dir or project (recursively including files in subdirs) in the minibuffer and would allow me to switch to files listed in there? I’m fiddling with Ivy and Counsel alternatives (Vertigo and Consult) but I noticed I’m missing that handy function now


projectile-find-file is what i use


The gotcha is that, at least in Spacemacs, the file list gets cached and so it doesn't find new files added by team members (e.g. when I update my local branch or switch branches) So I sometimes have to call projectile-invalidate-cache manually

Janne Sauvala15:06:05

Thanks Dan, I think I tried that one already but I didn’t see that kind of results I was hoping for. I could have some weird things in my configs that prevented me to see this - let me double check

Janne Sauvala18:06:16

It seems projectile-find-file didn’t do what I was after. First one is the list from projectile-find-file and the second one is from counsel-find-file

Janne Sauvala18:06:35

Interesting, I switched to some other project and there the projectile-find-file lists files under subdirs. I’m not sure what is happening here 😄

Janne Sauvala18:06:55

It seems projectile-find-file uses .gitignore to filter results. That is why I cannot see those files under straight folder since I have ignored them. That is pretty handy