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Hi! I did some small updates to cypress-clojurescript-preprocessor: Also added a note on how to use shared utility namespaces (so that not all code needs to be a cypress test suite):

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Just learned that Cypress has a way to execute commands from JS console, so made a hack for ClojureScript


Alao, made a #cypress channel, for discussing on making Cypress work with ClojureScript

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Vincent Cantin17:06:55

> Call process/exit to not leave zombies when Cypress exits That is very appreciated, thank you.

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depstar {:mvn/version "2.1.245"} is available: JAR builder for CLI/`deps.edn` -- -- adds :target-dir option; AOT compilation is now done in a single process (instead of a separate process for each namespace); some pretty big internal refactoring in preparation for the upcoming release (so pom.xml handling, AOT, and JAR building can be available as separate tasks); follow-up in #depstar (for specific Qs) or #tools-deps (for more general CLI/`deps.edn` Qs).

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