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hi, I asked this question in Calva but it's probably better suited here as it's more about the underlying tools => in calva, it is only possible to debug a form which has been explicitly reevaluated with breakpoints in it, but with cider itself is there any way to save the breakpoints into the file, so that just importing the module as normal and then calling a function defined in it would hit the breakpoint?


There are reader tags for this


I don’t think the reader tags help in @U63D7UXJB specific use case, as he wants to debug a function without using cider-eval-* functions. Requiring a file or calling cider-load-buffer won’t trigger the debug tags.


thank you, I will read said documents and get back


I have read those documents before, and am still not sure of the answer. I think @dromar56 understand my question/the problem, for context my question is to do with wanting to develop some custom tooling, not just a stupidly finnicky workflow requirement


if requiring a namespace containing reader conditionals doesn't cause it to be instrumented, and one wanted to instrument anything with those reader conditionals, then a workaround would be (at outermost-tool-level) to push every namespace through nrepl (???)


or if it was simpler to do at a lower level, that sort of behaviour (instrument everythig with readers, across "requires") could be enabled/implemented in cider/orchard?


I'm not confident any of these assertions are right, I'm just trying to communicate my current mental model