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Next :clojureD 2021 talk by @mkvlr now online:

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Jakub Šťastný21:06:43

Looks nice, but why not just use Orgmode? It's more powerful. Tangling from one file to multiple outputs etc. OK, it's Emacs only, but to me Orgmode would be a good enough reason to switch to Emacs, would I not be using it already.


@jakub.stastny.pt_serv I would not switch to Emacs for something like this. I've switched away from Emacs quite deliberately, several years ago and do not want to go back. Lots of people have very good reasons for not using Emacs 🙂

Jakub Šťastný23:06:30

@seancorfield yeah I get that, but if we're talking about notebooks specifically, well Orgmode with babel is insanely powerful. It's not really my field, but I haven't seen anything more powerful (admittedly I'm geared more towards literate programming then reproducible research, but I've done a bit of both). What do you use now, out of curiosity?


I switched from Emacs (after some twenty or so years!) to Atom and then to VS Code.

Jakub Šťastný23:06:20

20 years, wow, that's a long time. I do like Atom, never used VS Code. Now I don't have a desktop OS, I'm running iPadOS, so I code on a VPS, so programs relying on the GUI are not really a thing for me (even though I know it's possible to run VS Code somehow in Safari, but can't be bothered, besides, I like Emacs anyways). I've been slightly curious about VS Code though, many people are raving about it. I don't suppose it'd be something for me, but I want to try it some day.


I started using Emacs back in the 17.x days, so that's mid-'80s. I used it up until the mid-'90s (19.x) and then worked with "IDEs" while I did a lot of C++ and then Java, and came back to Emacs early in my Clojure learning (the tail end of the 23.x builds) and used it solidly until I switched to Atom (in 2016, after seeing ProtoREPL demo'd at Clojure/Conj).