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Adrian Smith18:06:10

Has any one been able to try copilot from Github with their VSCode installation yet? Curious to know if it works with Clojure

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Calva 2.0.202 just released: • Fix: • Fix: Thanks to @pratikgandhi1997 for the test/implementation jump command. We’ll update about some known limitations of the feature, and arr hoping you Calva-friends will provide feedback guiding us on where to go with this. Thanks to @hamid.sadeghian for providing the fix for the status bar items jumping around a bit. We can probably take more inspiration from the implementation of the fix.

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I just tried it in our monorepo and it said it wanted to create a test file -- but the path was correct for a test file that existed and when I clicked Create it just loaded the existing test file up...


Ummm, not seen that in my testing. Please file an issue about it.


...similarly for switching back from that test file to the source: it said it wanted to create it, but the path was correct, and it loaded the source file just fine when I clicked Create.