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Dear Calva friends. It is getting time to say goodbye to our old friend the REPL Window. It has served Calva well, but eventually just got too hard to maintain and impossible to bring to meet the user expectations it created. I now need your help to put this old-REPL-Window-less build of Calva to some testing: Please let me know if it misbehaves in any way that could be related to the removal of the old repl window.


So far, the only real stopper I can see is the behaviour that @ describes. I'll try to fix that before releasing this.


Hi there, is there anyway to prevent the output window from opening on starting up a build?


@grant.isom not currently. I didn't find a way to keep it hidden at connection time.


@pez Cool just curious, had looked but wasn't seeing anything. Thanks!


@pez, is the output window the replacement for the REPL windows?


Yes. If you try the vsix i posted above, it brings some of the shortcuts over as well.


The ctrl+alt+right and ctrl+alt+left shortcuts appear to be broken on VS Code for Linux (Ubuntu 18.04). Holding down the alt key, even in combination with ctrl, causes the system menu bar to be hightlighted.


Bizarrely enough, overriding these to alt+left and alt-right doesn't cause the same problem.


The alt-key on Ubuntu is notoriously tricky. If you find working shortcuts, we could change to those for Linux. (I think vscode allows for special shortcuts for Linux)


I'm not finding them to be broken on Ubuntu 20.04 (Gnome/Wayland). The menu bar does get a highlight, but it doesn't prevent the shortcuts working as expected on my set up. Now and then I'll mis-hit a key combo (most often one of the ctrl+alt+c chords) and trigger a menu, which is irritating. But it's hard to imagine any non-Vim keybinding set being workable without alt key use.


@ There are also a couple of vscode settings that might be relevant: window.customMenuBarAltFocus & window.enableMenuBarMnemonics . They're enabled by default. Perhaps toggling them off (if you don't typically use the menu bar shortcuts) might help your situation.


I believe I toggled them off earlier, but I will give it a try again to make sure


@ I'm on manjaro linux and had the same issue. I re-mapped them to ctrl+super+left/right


Though if what Cris says works for you let me know 😃


If anyone is curious, toggling the settings that @ suggested had no effect. I think my solution for the present have to be to rebind all the keys involving alt to meta/super. Not the best, but it will do


To make the whole case even more strange, the ctrl+alt+s command (splice) works fine. Maybe it's something to down with the arrow key and an Ubuntu/Gnome quirk?


That's very odd given that I'm using the shortcuts without an issue. Is there any chance you have shortcuts masking the ctrl-alt-[arrow key] combinations in gnome settings? I suppose your older Gnome version could be something to do with it. I'd be inclined to dig further if you have time. But I know how infuriating these kinds of issues can be. Sigh - if only there was a 21st century operating system available.


Yeah @ other alt keybindings work fine for me I think, just had to rebind those arrow ones, as far as the ones I use.


And I spent a while on it too, before deciding it's not worth more of my time


Another thought: I don't think overriding ctrl+w to expand selection is a good idea. That's the default shortcut for closing a tab in VS Code, as well as basically every other piece of software. I personally find that suddenly not working to be pretty jarring.


Are the two eval-to-comment commands currently broken? They're not inserting anything into the editor window for me (using yesterday's vsix, but I think I was having the same issue before that build)