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Hello, we are are in Auckland, NZ and have a bespoke big data and analytics infrastructure built in Clojure on Azure with Kafka and Cassandra that requires another senior developer. Respond to colin.taylor

Brad Bollenbach09:08:49

hi all, my team at RVU (which runs,, and have several engineering roles open. we’re a polyglot team, but this role will potentially involve a lot of Clojure (or Go): please feel free to reach out to me if interested.

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Hi there, Griffin is still hiring for all flavors of engineering: Backend Application, Frontend/Fullstack, Devops/SRE. We are applying for our UK banking license, our goal is to be AWS for financial services products: APIs to create bank accounts, issue cards, Ledger-as-a-service, Loan Management as-a-service, etc. We are a 100% Clojure shop. Tech stack: Clojure, Kafka, Datomic, Kubernetes, AWS. We are remote friendly, but only hiring in UK and Ireland for regulatory and HR/paperwork reasons.

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I am a devops engineer and this is my ideal stack … I recently wrote a blog about this But I am based in Cape Town, South Africa …. (I consult under my own company which should make it easy on HR). hit me up if you start considering outside UK


Deep Impact AG, based in Winterthur :flag-ch:, is looking for a Senior Frontend Developer Tech stack: JavaScript, React, Clojure, TypeScript 💰 65’000 - 120'000 CHF/year More details and option to apply:

David Pham05:08:51

No Clojure requirements though...