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Joe Lucas01:08:25

Does anyone use clojure for data science?


you can also check out #data-science

David Pham07:08:28

It depends what you mean by data science: you can leverage all python packages, and jvm packages. ClojureScript will be your best weapon on the visualization/reporting side of your models, as you can tap in the power of JS without too much pain. Moreover, you will be able to perform mathematical operations at a decent speed. provides a "dataframe" abstraction so that you can perform your usual data manipulation in a way that reminds you of R/python.


Take a look at the community. They are very active. Most discussions happen on Zulip rather than slack

Joe Lucas10:08:07

Thanks all!


yes, it seems many people do, there are some nice presentations from clojure conferences about data science...


there's probably a more experienced hat lurking.


Dear all, when I am reading Luminus annual, I cannot understand this function definition. Could anyone help to explain, thanks.

Jakob Durstberger13:08:07

That’s some nested associative destructuring -> It will get the value file out of a map that looks like this

{ :parameters
    {:file file-val}}}
The nested maps will contain more values than the ones I typed in but those are the ones the function “extracts” with destructuring

👍 3

Thank you. Now I fully understand it.

Jakob Durstberger13:08:47

I think it is slightly harder to read than get-in params [:parameters :multipart: :file] but doesn’t require a separate let


Yes. When the pattern is familiar with, it can reduce one line of code..


Is there any way to convert a parametrized sql statement like ["SELECT * FROM USER WHERE ID = ?" 9] to a prepared statement in clojure.jdbc?


The prepare statement only accepts a string and not a vector


Perhaps you might like to consider next-jdbc? It's the "next-generation" library 🙂


You can ask also in #sql too :)


We use clojure.jdbc heavily in our project, would be difficult to migrate now


Is it possible to make android apps with clojure?


there's a fork that works with the dalvik vm, but it's not supported by the core team, and the start up time is painfully long


I think people have better luck with clojurescript with react-native or webapps