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Charlie Briggs12:08:57

Hey, is the current intention for users of clj-kondo to copy and paste the hook definitions of libraries into each project using those definitions? E.g copying hooks/slingshot if using Slingshot?


If you found something in the READMEs confusing about this, please let me know and I'll change it

Charlie Briggs12:08:44

great, I think it would help if that was more explicit in the Libraries section, i.e. directly calling out the process of adding them for now something like: > Configuration for external libraries can be setup in each clj-kondo project by copying the required library configuration into the .clj-kondo directory. See libraries for a collection of existing configurations


I have wondered if using a different name like reference-config or something would be clearer


PR welcome for the text change btw

Charlie Briggs12:08:53

cool, is there any way for libraries to package these configurations currently which can then be picked up by clj-kondo, or is something like that on the roadmap?


@charliebriggs It is something I've been thinking about and there is an issue for it. It's just not that clear cut yet.

Charlie Briggs13:08:12

great, thanks for your help!


Right now I recommend writing a script that merges and copies all your favorite configs into the right places


Babashka can be used for this if you want to do it in Clojure


clj-kondo exposes a function called merge-configs to merge clj-kondo configuration