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hey recently i started to have some problem when I do ALT SHIFT F (format file shortcut on windows) vscode says "activating extensions" then i can't even use copy, paste shotcurts everytime I try to copy something it says "activating extensions" only happens when calva is on i can format files in other languages. i think i didn't change anything in my vscode but i am not sure it may not be related with calva. any idea how to fix that ?


Hello. I am not having any luck getting the bundled clj-kondo extension to read it's configuration.


I've created .clj-kondo/config.edn, with .clj-kondo being at the same level as project.clj


{:linters {:missing-docstring {:level :warning}
           :unsorted-required-namespaces {:level :warning}
           :unresolved-symbol {:exclude [(mount.core/defstate)]}}}


as it's content


Calva/Kondo still reports defstate as using unresolved symbols, and i have unsorted namespaces and missing docstrings that are not being commented on


never mind, I figured out. I was unused to reading the VSCode file tree and had misplaced it


@m373h4n , that sounds awful. Can you file an issue with a repro description? Do it from vscode (the help menu iirc), then we get some de details about your setup that might help in pinpointing the problem.


I can't reproduce anymore, the problem got magically fixed. I'll be watching, if this happens again I'll be more careful what may have changed. So I can provide better repro description.