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Hello! 👋 Want to mentor two dedicated Clojure learners to enable them to contribute to an open-source Clojure project? See thread 👉

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EXHIBIT A. Why? • Get to really follow up on two dedicated learners; get to know them, not just answer a random question. • Clear goal in mind: beginner-friendly issue on Open-Source project


Very cool. Love the passion coming through in the writing!


@U0ETXRFEW Seeing how you interact with the #calva community has been a very good anchor 🙂


Oh, wow, thanks!


Welcome [metosin/reitit "0.5.0"]. Reitit is a fast data-driven routing library for Clojure/Script. 0.5.0 contains a lot of small changes, including: * reitit-core: order of magnitude faster router creation, thanks to smarter route conflict resolver * reitit-ring & reitit-http: improved OPTIONS handling, helpers to serve files, nil-friendly routes. * reitit-frontend: fixes in handling History * reitit-sieppari: faster interceptors, drops default support for core.async, see sieppari docs how to enable it * reitit-swagger-ui: defaults to latest version v3.25.3, instead of old (but classy) v2.10.0 * changes in updated support libs: spec-tools, schema-tools, jsonista, muuntaja, sieppari and malli full changelog: big thanks to all contributors! Discussion and help at #reitit

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Awesome, I am about to start a new Clojure api project and doing some research if I should use compojure-api vs reitit. My conclusion was to go with reitit, Ill use the newest version right away 😄 Thx!

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Spire version 0.1.0-alpha.10 released. initial nrepl release - remove -h, -o, -v flags for less surface area to conflict with user flags - fixed local execution under a user running fish shell fails to gather facts - add nrepl support - added lots of docstrings

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Generate really nice documents and html pages and books with Clojure snippets from R Markdown ( using knitr (, rep ( and nRepl. Here is how to glue all the tools:

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