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I'm adding the session type to the session list, so I'll remove the ,st mapping I think.


No need for it.


; --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
; Sessions (2):
; >1 - 23cd29a5-a392-4c82-83f1-63d5cc04c277 (Clojure)
;  2 - 409a9ad2-4218-485f-b4d4-aefac3b97ac2 (ClojureScript)


I'll refactor this a little more which paves the way to human readable (but random) session names too.


Okay, quite a big refactor of session related code on develop, but you'll see the UUID and the session type (clj/cljs) every where a session is mentioned in the log now! No more session type mapping since it's redundant. Everything seems to work well for me but some testing would be hugely appreciated πŸ˜„ this makes it one more small hop to add generated human readable names to sessions too! All of this work was required for that feature, glad it's out of the way!


That UUID will become city names from around the world or something soon-ish.


I’d vote for more slowly deprecating the st mapping, it’s already become somewhat muscle memory for me πŸ˜… In develop it now just ends up inserting a t which is a tiny bit annoying πŸ˜›


Hmm good point, I can leave it in with a warning for a while :thinking_face:


I don't think I should promote multiple ways to do the same thing in the future, so I still think getting rid of it eventually is the way to go.


I’d be happy with keeping the mapping but instead it just prints β€œuse this new mapping: ….”


Just the current change means: I insert something in my buffer which I then have to undo and am not closer to knowing the session type πŸ˜›


Complaining at a very high level here β€” which speaks to how excellent Conjure already is πŸ‘Œ