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I'm an issue with debugging in Cider/Spacemacs. The Normal Mode keybindings seem to be overriding the Cider Debugger keybindings (n, i, e, etc.), exactly as described in Anyone else have this problem?


@neil.hansen.31 Yes it seems the debugging menu wrapper function is not working completely in Evil state (not sure why the related commit doesnt work, needs some investigation). One approach is to switch to Emacs state using C-z and then the key presses will be that of the debug menu rather than Evil normal state. C-z will toggle back to Evil when you are done. Or use \ key (in Spacemacs develop) which runs evil-execute-as-emacs-state for the next key press, so if you just want to inspect a value, \p .


@jr0cket Thanks so much, those are great suggestions. I didn't know those bindings existed at all. That gets me back to work for today. What's the best protocol to follow to report this to CIDER/Spacemacs? Should I comment on the issue I posted above, or re-open a new one?


if its configuring spacemacs layers it seems it would have to go there


@neil.hansen.31 Use SPC h I to report a bug from Spacemacs directly. This creates a new issue in the GitHub repository for Spacemacs. Then reference the original issue you posted in the GitHub description. It will be good to specify a reproduction guide as not all Spacemacs maintainers use Clojure (yet). Its a strange bug as I find that keys n o h l j t q correctly call the cider debug menu, however, i p e s call the Evil normal state commands instead.

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There is also a #spacemacs specific channel as well, although sometimes is not immediately clear if an issue is CIDER or Spacemacs.


Submitted the report, SPC h I is a pretty slick way to file an issue.


I've read through pieces of your book @jr0cket, looks like I'll be going through page by page now to make sure I understand the fundamentals. It's an amazing resource, thanks for your work on it.


I've added some of my own feedback as a comment to the GitHub issue you raised, thanks for that. Thanks for the comments about the book. I am doing a lot of updates to the Clojure book next and still keep finding interesting things to add to the Spacemacs book.