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Now I need some help testing Paredit and Higlight/rainbow things:


i use discard markers a fair bit and i have so far not felt like moving something that's not a discard form to the right of a discard marker. it seems to me like it could lead to unexpected consequences:

1. 'a #_ 'b ; 'b is ignored
2. #_ 'a 'b ; now 'a is ignored, but 'b is not
i don't think i've ever wanted that type of thing. may be i've misunderstood something?


perhaps there are specific cases where you've felt the need? may be i'm missing some good opportunities 🙂


I use it often in hiccup to experiment with different ideas of what should go on a page.


so is it like a toggle between two things then?


Yeah. But maybe it is more common to want the marker to stay with the form it tags. Or more valuable, at least.


i had never thought to try it like that, but now i might 🙂 may be there's something like this in paredit?


Yes. ctrl+alt+t in Calva. It happens to be the movement primitive used for the drag forward/backward commands that I use in the GIF above. I tend to use them rather than transpose, because that is how I think about it. ”This should go after/before that”.