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Spire 0.1.0-alpha.2 released. Spire is a clojure DSL built with graal for provisioning remote unix machines over ssh. This release includes: * bugfixes * new stat module * fish shell support * better FreeBSD target support

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Bobbi Towers08:03:51

I made a version of 4clojure that runs in your shell as a babashka script: Enjoy!

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Hi. Since place I go to play board games with strangers has pretty bad list of board games (names with languages only: - no pictures, ...) I've made small project that parses that list and downloads some additional info from boardgamegeek (with caching as I am allowed to do ~1 request per 2 seconds): Just simple table with sorting for now. Filters and other features might be added some day. So if you needed something like that...

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Joker v0.15.0 is released

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Chlorine v0.4.13 is released. On this version, some improvements on the removal of Ink (an Atom package dependency of Chlorine) and now we have clickable stacktraces (that will open that specific file, even if it's inside a JAR)! Also, on ClojureScript side, stacktraces are parsed with their specific source maps (if they exist), and goto-file will also work on then (be it a JS or CLJS file). Discussions on #chlorine channel

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