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TIL. GitLense. If you have line blames toggled on, you will get it for the current line, right? Well, if you have multiple cursor you'll get it for all lines with a cursor. So if you want to see the trail for a whole block och lines, hold down alt+cmd and press down to see the blames for all lines below. (On Mac).


oh, nifty! haven't started using multiple cursors yet, but if i do, i'll try out your tip.


This is one reason to use them. 😃 I also heavily use cmd+d, which creates multiple selections matching the current one (and using vscode's search settings, so can be regex based and such). This partly because Calva does not hae a rename symbol refactoring...


And on my todo is to make Calva Paredit work with multiple cursors. I might become the only user of that, but I'd be a heavy user!


ah, i just tried ctrl+d -- 'Add Selection to Next Find Match'. so i see multiple selections now. it looks like shift+alt+L is 'Select All Occurences of Find Match' as well as 'addCursorsAtSearchResults'. that seems to do the trick here after ctrl+d. with names like these, i'm not sure i'm going to remember them. it's not likely i'm going to pick these key sequences up either. i wonder if there's something that can be used to quickly record commands you like and have them displayed in a menu. there seem to be some handy things, but some of them aren't the easiest things to rediscover.


Select All Occurences of Find Match, sweet! Also addCursorsAtSearchResults, was new for me. I'll probably use these a lot.


I don't know of a way to collect favorite commands like that. Would be quite nice!