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podcast about GraalVM with its creator Thomas Wuerthinger: the previous episode (#77) is more about Thomas' youth, not that much about GraalVM, but it was also nice to listen to

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Aaron Cummings17:03:26

Finally managed to find where my complexity was blowing up - (resolve) makes native-image go 📈


@aaron383 Yep, sounds familiar. I usually scan code for resolve in case of problems


in fact, getting rid of resolve was the only way to get hato running for example:

Aaron Cummings17:03:01

I have some cases where I pass around the name of a namespace as a string - sort of an ad-hoc polymorphism. The resolve is to a symbol within that namespace. I should find a better way to do this; maybe a map as a registry of these things will do.

Aaron Cummings17:03:19

Yeah, I have something a bit like that hato patch.