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Nope. It won’t print or pprint at all, with other options or with this option toggled off. (print “anything”) just returns nil without printing to the repl (nor to the Calva says pane for that matter).


Perhaps it has to do with shadow cljs and node repl??


The no-printing issue seems to resolve itself after restart of the shadow server and VSC.

Mark Addleman18:01:21

command 'calva.jackin' not found - I'm getting this message when trying to jack-in. Any ideas how to recover?


Strange. Try opening some Clojure file in the project and see if the commands get registered then.

Mark Addleman23:01:20

That did it. Thx!


Then there is still some issues with registering the commands... It's been causing troubles for very long, and I really thought it was sorted out now. Well, good to know about it, I guess. 😃

🙂 4