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Setting up Datomic cloud. What could it mean that i have a private-keys/bastion but not a private-keys/bastion.hostkey E.g aws ls on .../private-keys just returns the file "bastion" where the command seems to expect a bastion.hostkey.


Your peer at Datomic access gateway (previously referred to as the bastion) need to have AWS credentials for the system you are trying to access. After you launch your gateway can you test that you are able to connect following these docs?


The aws s3 cp command i reference above comes from running "datomic-access client [system-name]" which i understand creates the socks proxy to the Access Gateway. Given that it cant test access to it, i dont even have a port number. Or i'm i missing something?


Alternative, i set this up a while ago (4 months ago) but never touched it. What does it look like to just do a complete re-setup. I'm worried it might be hard to clean up lingering artifacts or something. really have no idea.


maybe i need to upgrade again? Is there a way to link the docs to a particular system version?


You can identify what version you are using by following these docs.


Yep. I know what version im using. I'm not sure yet if the docs are versioned.