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Hello everyone, Happy new year! I'm trying to configure planck with my Spacemacs editor. I manage to have a working REPL with inf-clojure, but impossible to have auto-completion working. When I run find-variable > inf-clojure-completion-form-planck I can see the (planck.repl/get-completions \"%s\") expression. When I run it in the REPL, I get:

cljs.user=> (planck.repl/get-completions "redu")
WARNING: var: planck.repl/get-completions is not public at line 1 
#js ["redu" "Reduced" "reduce" "reduce-kv" "reduceable?" "reduced" "reduced?" "reductions"]
But nothing shows up in the company-mode popup and tab completion shows [No matches] Did I miss something in the configuration? Thanks


@dam I don't use Emacs, but some instructions for it are at


@mfikes thanks. I checked this page already but it didn't help. @bozhidar would you have an idea on that ? Could the warning mislead the inf-clojure mode ?