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This build addresses and adds a mechanism to make Calva Jack-in launch your project with profiles (Leiningen) or aliases (clj/deps) not found in the project files. It does so by adding two settings: calva.myLeinProfiles and calva.myCljAliases. Both are arrays of strings. These strings will be added to the jack-in menus for which profiles/aliases to launch with. Please note that Calva is not reading the user config files and will not be able to tell if an alias has main args. Trying to launch with such an alias will break, because Calva adds main args (either default or from the project file alias). If this is a major shortcoming, please let me know. I'd love some help in testing it. And @gerred gets the special task to give feedback on wether this is solves his feature request. 😄

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