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thanks @pez! traveling home at the moment but as soon as I get on my last leg I'll grab it


one note, the main opts (at least for how this particular alias for REBL is designed), is a shortcoming: - I'll try to launch REBL another way for the moment.


but the rest of them with main opts just don't make sense.


idk how you're supposed to parse what main opts should be used from jack-in and what shouldn't, so I'd rather find a way to do it via the REPL.


Let's have a chat about those opts. Maybe we can figure something out.


just as a heads up, I just released clj-kondo 2019.08.21-alpha, which automatically detects a .clj-kondo and uses the cache. So editor tooling no longer has to use the --cache flag. tl;dr: if you use the clojure-lint plugin in VSCode you will now automatically get arity errors from other namespaces while you're typing.


not sure if this is the best channel to post this information, but it's the best I could find 🙂


Happy to hear about those improvements! I think this is the best channel, and you are welcome to post these kinds of updates here. It is extra relevant because Calva will at some point drop its linting integration with Joker and probably be bundling clojure-lint instead.


Does jack in work on Windows?


Asking for a friend


Yes, it should work.


Ah, it does. Apparently the install had failed :)


The install of Calva?


I'm having something odd happening. I modified calva's source, checked that it did what I wanted when I ran it in debug mode after jacking in and running the build tasks (from the contrib guide), then I created a vsix with vsce package. I installed this vsix and tested and saw the effects of my changes, but then I uninstalled it, and reinstalled the actual Calva from the marketplace and I still see my custom change effects. Could there be some caching issue going on due to the custom vsix having the same name/version as the marketplace one?


That should not be the case as far as i know what you could try is to install a specific version also a tip you can add a suffix after the normal version like -my-aliases 🙂


and then just use vsce package that should avaiod version confusion


Ah thanks. What I thought was happening may not actually be happening 😅 . But that's good to know.