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That's probably the right place to look. 😀

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But on the first question. Vscode has a built in clojure mode.


Unsure if this is the right place to ask (it probably isn't), but I'm having a heck of a time getting auto-indenting when I hit enter to work. i.e., I type (let [v 42 and hit enter, and instead of going under the v, VSCode puts me at the beginning of the line. Applicable settings:

"calva.autoConnect": false,
    "calva.testOnSave": false,
    "calva.fmt.autoAdjustIndentOnNewLines": true,
    "calva.fmt.indentation": true,
    "[clojure]": {
      "editor.formatOnType": true,
      "editor.autoIndent": true,
      "editor.formatOnPaste": true


Format Document works fine, but my brain wants it to be right all the time!


This is the right place to ask that. And that looks like a bug. And it must be pretty recent, because that used to work!


I am currently often testing Parinfer and then need to have this auto-indenting switched off, so have missed the issue. Will investigate. Thanks for headsup!


If it's important, I'm editing .cljs files


And thanks!


I found the bug. When trying to prepare Calva Formatter for coexistance with Parinfer I accidently almost disabled the auto-formatting completely. I wonder how many people have been inconvenienced by this. Very, very good that you let me know. I have now released a fixed version.


Must look into how to test this kind of thing automatically. Once I figure out the mechanics it would be caught by a simple smoke test before releasing.


Check if you can already see the update (version 0.0.8). I'll be offline for a while, so really hoping it will work for you.


It works! Thanks so much!

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