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Looks like cider is fetching a URI object


doesn’t happen at a plain repl


It happens whether I disable or enable ciders pretty-printing


I think this behaviour here is slightly wrong, as a URI is a reference not the thing itself. Also there seems to be a bug in it, if the URI resolution fails in some way ( not sure what exactly perhaps it timesout, raises an error or maybe an unsupported display type??), then it seems to break evaluation in the REPL. Also it’s kinda annoying that it’s a blocking operation, as it locks things up for an unspecified period of time. What do others think?


hi, i have 2 lein projects with default template but i can cider jack in only for one of them. Any idea why? i have no ~/.lein/profiles and have not messed with the project.clj files


i am also using spacemacs


right, reinstalled cider tried again a couple of time same issue. edited my core.clj file tried again and is now working. Strange


holy smokes @rickmoynihan

  id           "58"
  op           "eval"
  session      "fc67590f-75e4-4137-8c79-d93d6aedab66"
  time-stamp   "2018-08-23 08:11:46.667613209"
  code         "( \"\")"
  column       19
  content-type "true"
  file         "*cider-repl breeze_ehr/mast:localhost:36835(clj)*"
  line         83
  ns           "breeze.mast.repl"
  id           "58"
  session      "fc67590f-75e4-4137-8c79-d93d6aedab66"
  time-stamp   "2018-08-23 08:11:46.683026961"
  body         ""
  content-type ("message/external-body"
 (dict "URL" "" "access-type" "URL"))
  ns           "breeze.mast.repl"
  value        "#URI \"\""
  id         "59"
  op         "slurp"
  session    "fc67590f-75e4-4137-8c79-d93d6aedab66"
  time-stamp "2018-08-23 08:11:46.697461744"
  url        ""


it's a bug with the image printing. @rickmoynihan M-x cider-repl-toggle-content-types to disable


and if you have time file a bug report but i can do that as well if you want


@dpsutton: thanks… I discovered that option too, and have set it off globally with (setq cider-repl-use-content-types nil) as documented in the awesome manual 🙂


Hi all, on latest cider and clojure-cli, I can only jack-in once per session. If I close connections and try to jack in again, I get Unsupported project type '"clojure-cli"'. For me to be able to jack in again, I must restart emacs. Has there been a change in the way deps.edn is handled?


scratch that, I upgraded my emacs install, and the problem just disappeared. Sorry for the noise!


@levitanong I think that MELPA managed to run a build in a small window yesterday where there was a bug in the project type handling. Funny how it generally builds so slow, but not yesterday.

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That’s odd… it’s happening again.


@bhauman I responded on the ticket. I’m 99% certain there’s something in your project config that altered the expected load-order. This can’t happen unless piggieback was required before nREPL was loaded.


@bozhidar maybe something in my profiles.clj, as you say when you run lein repl in the project it works


it doesn’t for me though, so I’ll check


you are awesome thank you!


You’re welcome!