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The Closure Compiler has an option to set the number of parallel threads the compiler uses ( This is only available for some passes at the moment. Would it make sense if :parallel-build is true, to also set setNumParallelThreads to a higher value? nCPU + 2 or similar?


I don't have any sense of how cheap/expensive any of these parts are though


@danielcompton I'm pretty sure the optimizations themselves don't use multiple threads. only the initial JS parsing itself. I have that enabled in shadow-cljs but it doesn't make a huge difference overall. maybe a couple ms in my completely unscientific benchmarks.


yeah that was the sense I got too just looking through


With the WIP on, it correctly infers cljs.core/dominates as returning type boolean whereas master currently infers it as being #{clj-nil boolean}. (This could be good for checked-if elision.) 🙂

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