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what if you had a single server for open source developers of any language?


just thinking out loud - might be interesting


@jamesnvc: I haven't given it all much thought in the context of a chat. Not that I have tried out Braid yet. Hopefully I can have a go at getting it going within the next two weeks and play around with it. I am currently basing everything off my experience with playing around with Discourse forums. In regards to the tagging and geolocation desires.


@grounded_sage: Cool simple_smile We are always happy to get new ideas about how this should work!


Do you have an invite to our current server?


Do you need email?


Yeah, give me or @rafd your email & we can invite you


Or I can add the email from your slack profile?


Yep that email is my primary one. Can invite me with that one :)


Okay, invite sent!


Yep got it. When I am on computer next I will jump on. A side note does anyone use slack on their phone. I find it locks up on me on opening the app and scrolling sometimes.


@grounded_sage: yup it’s really slow w/ clojurians open


I’ve given the vm 2 gigs of ram, so I don’t think that’s the actual problem


I’m wondering if I’m missing something


@jamesnvc: it's saying I have an invalid security token. Not sure whether this is because I opened it and didn't register earlier. I'm still on phone but thought I would give it a go.


@grounded_sage: oh, that is possible...I will try re-sending


@jamesnvc: I've checked on the computer. I still get an invalid invite token. It does say that there is a nickname already taken 'wade' so I don't know whether it went through on my phone earlier or not. But the passwords I would have used don't work and is just comes up 'bad credentials'. If you send another invite I'll be able to do it straight away now.


I’ll just take a look to see if there was a user created, maybe there’s a bug there


ah, yeah, looks like there’s already a user, how odd


I’ll just remove the existing user & send you a new invite


Gave me a connection error at first. Then an entity too large. Changes the display picture. But I am in!!! Woot!


Ok I have had a play around with it. I can see it is very very bare bones. I feel there needs to be a bit of chat around the direction and a bit of design put into it instead of rushing the features. I'm happy to become a major contributor as I already was thinking of using Slack and Discourse in the future for my other business ventures. Slack I was concerned about for staying in control of my data and Discourse I am concerned about because it uses Ember.js and Ruby and they have been hitting performance issues and as far as I know from my limited programming knowledge is that Ruby doesn't handle concurrency well. I was thinking in the future I would use business funds to develop a system but it's a lot better to join forces with people already doing it. simple_smile I am happy to arrange a skype/google hangouts with you guys in the near future. @jamesnvc @rafd


@chris may need to adjust java heap size, when we launch in prod we use: java -server -Xmx1g -jar chat.jar 5555 3081 ... try adding :jvm-opts ["-Xmx1g" "-server"] to your project.clj


@grounded_sage: yes, still bare bones, a lot of the plans are around improving UX


@grounded_sage: would love to do a hangouts/skype, (perhaps get others in too if they like?)


Yea that would be good. My timezone is Gold Coast, Australia. Maybe we can try and organise something in the next fortnight or so.


@rafd: I added that to my project.clj last night, I even went as high as 4 gigs, just to be sure. It’s weird, I’m not having any problems with nrepl anywhere else


@grounded_sage: Just want to let you know that your interest in and support of this project is greatly appreciated.


JPEG image 2.5mb. Dimensions 2448 × 3264. Was the one I grabbed.. my files are a mess on computer currently. The owl ones is JPEG image - 143 KB. Dimensions 800 × 573


@chris, what is your profiles.clj ? do you have datomic running?


@grounded_sage: re: hangouts, I'm EST so your 9am-noon, my 6pm-9pm looks like the most reasonable overlap, unless you prefer a time like now


@chris may also be worth trying: -XX:MaxPermSize=128m -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+CMSClassUnloadingEnabled


and I do have datomic running


it may be that having all your user plugins + the project that causes java to run out of permgen


ok, I’ll take a look at it, thanks


perfect, that was it, thanks.


@chris i remember having permgen issues before and having to increase the size, we've been using java 1.8 lately for most things and that seems to have helped (they removed PermGen and replace it with a 'Metspace' that grows)


getting rid of lein plugins did it for me


k, cool, i'll add a note in the dev docs


Hmm was commenting on the github issue but realised I should just say it here as handling the issue should still be there. -> A good idea from a UX point of view would be to resize/reduce image size on the client. Even user controlled cropping. If we know the maximum image size the application will use and the maximum resolution then we can bring it down to that. Not an immediate issue. Something I think should come later down the track. @rafd:


user on-boarding definitely needs work


thanks for all the feedback @grounded_sage, keep it coming, we might not be able to get to it immediately, but we'll put in the plans and it will be done eventually by us or hopefully others too


Well I am slowly learning Clojure in my spare time. I'm actually really excited because this is a project I can learn from, RE: reading source code, using github, contributing code. It is using the technology stack I am deeply interested in and is a project that I can get involved in without being just a learning exercise... Something that can help my business and the community.


awesome! simple_smile would love to help get you more comfortable in clojure in any way I can... can even pair code some time


re: feedback, it helps me adjust my priorities in terms of which Braid tasks to address (and which other life things to skip :P)


for folks who are playing around and maybe interested in contributing, i've been tagging easier tasks with #help-wanted in the Issues:


@rafd I started following braidchat - can I get an invite?


I've opened an issue regarding the creation of CSS and the UI simple_smile


@grounded_sage: cool, I'm open to it, but not a huge priority for me atm (Lesscss is good-enough-for-now)


Yes I agree. As you said you are focusing on functionality atm. I am going to be building two static sites for both my wife and I regarding our respective businesses and will be using Mesh to get used to it and building it with Stasis. It really opens everything up being able to work in Clojure(Script) all the way through the entire stack. I've had little plays with Less and Sass as I was just getting into development and then there is PostCSS which seems to be the next logical step in the common world of programming.


Basically what I am saying is this is something I am very interested in and would likely be where my contributions of code will come from initially. But right now and for the short term it will mostly be mock-up images.


@grounded_sage: sounds good to me!


i agree that the way CSS has been evolving, it might as well be done inside of a programming language... having the full power of clojure to organize re-usable styles, etc. could be very useful


Man I love devcards.


soda-ash looks interesting. I am not familiar with Semantic UI so am unable to comment on it. I'm skeptical of any UI framework because it can really break down creativity and end up locking you in a little. Either by having a massive thing built using say Bootstrap and Bootstrap no longer being the 'it' thing or by becoming to comfortable to create your own elements. Though it can definitely help with speed of development when getting something to market quickly. I think the key thing to consider is how to cross style many platforms. If I remember correctly React is using Flexbox for it's React native and probably a number of other CSS attributes. So whatever gives us the best story with that is probably the best way to go.


@meow: I remember being really interested in semantic ui when it was announced, but then decided that it was a really bad idea. it’s basically bootstrap+++; the more you use it, the less control you have, and the more refactoring it will take to make style-level changes. I’m a huge fan of inline (e.g. (cl)js-defined) styles


Cool. Yea looking at it just gives me the same feeling as Bootstrap does.


there was a great article a while back about bootstrap, and the effect it has of calcifying your design


I remember doing a simple site for someone and wanting to only use a bootstrap accordion. Trying to style it became so frustrating that I decided to build my own. I refused to use JQuery also so I build it myself with plain JS


(up-arrow to edit the last message you wrote :D)


Sweet haha. Still getting used to slack clearly 😛


I'm probably a bit too tired to understand this but I'm not quite sure how the CSS of devcards works .!/devdemos.css_opt_out


On the advice of Alex Miller my Clojure/west 2016 talk proposal will be on Braid


Got a week to get it done


then cross my fingers that it gets accepted


Hey guys, this is great. Even though I’ve been programming for a long time, I’m new to Clojure and even newer to Clojurescript but would love to help out in any way I can.


Can I get an invite? simple_smile thanks.


@edwthomas: welcome - @rafd or @jamesnvc will get you that invite asap


feel free to jump into whatever aspect you desire - all help is welcome and appreciated


can I ask what your particular interest is in regards to Braid?


I am setting up a team for a new venture and the team members will not be colocated. I could of course use Slack but I’m interested in Clojure and thought that checking out Braid would not only be a good learning opportunity but also help with my venture.


sounds like a good fit - braid works well right now for small teams and async conversations


slack still has a lot going for it, especially with file uploads, embedded videos, etc.


but I very much like the braid style of conversations and how it is shaping up quickly


@edwthomas: let me know what the showstoppers are for using it with your team (ex. file uploads) and it'll help me prioritize


@edwthomas: also, welcome! and... invite sent


@rafd Could I get an invite ? Thanks simple_smile


Thanks !