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@cfleming Getting back to you as promised - just added clj dependency and after a repl restart, seems like there are no issues which makes sense. Tried refresh on the lein project.clj file, project tree, and toolbar. Everything seems OK, but I am still randomly getting strange behavior with cljs dependencies following the same process. Lein itself seems OK grabbing new dependencies for cljs so I know it's not a mistake in project.clj, only Cursive is not seeing the change. Cursive doesn't resolve/autocomplete anything until a restart of intellij. Anyway, I'll try to get you more details the next time it happens since so far I'm not the only one with this issue.


@hugesandwich: Thanks. So when you get this problem with cljs deps, here are some things to check after refreshing the project: 1. do the deps appear in the External Dependencies section at the bottom of the project view? 2. In File-&gt;Project Structure-&gt;[your module]-&gt;Dependencies, are the libraries attached to your module? 3. In File-&gt;Project Structure-&gt;[dependency library] does it have any content in the pane on the right hand side?


@hugesandwich: Actually, I just searched the issues because I dimly remembered something like this (I just have too many issues). I found which might be relevant. Unfortunately I didn’t copy the relevant conversation, and the IRC lazybot has been down for ages now.


But IIRC (and based on the title) this was in larger multi-module projects, and the ClojureScript version was different in different modules for the same project. It’s not quite what you’re describing since IIRC this gave problems indexing core cljs forms, but I thought I’d mention it as a possibility.