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In there are a lot of references to core.async in the justification of log-ex. If core.async was removed the justification should be adjusted as well.


Hi, re-framers. What is ideomatic way or convention to render server validation errors in a form components?


@nicola re-frame doesn't make any assumptions about the visual design, if that's what you mean.


I know, but most of apps should render errors in a form ;) Should I create special path in app-db for every form and in case of errors put them there? Let's take as example sign-in or sign-up forms. How do you organize structure of app-db for this?


@nicola: I actually learned about this for the first time recently as well from the code in here: You can see my take on it at


the structure is a key in app-db holding a map representing the form data


with the values for whatever fields, any state, and another errors map with keys corresponding to the fields