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Josh Horwitz03:01:58

Hey Everyone, Looking forward to hopefully using Braid and contributing.


@joshua.d.horwitz: That would be awesome. Thanks.


@rafd will send an invite to anyone who wants to try out the system we are using during development - dogfood - nom nom nom


be forewarned that I am doing eveything inappropriate so that you won't have to - the result is ... um ... interesting and revolting and shocking and damn funny imnsho


definitely beyond PG-13, however


Hey, I just got a local instance running. Have you looked into using component/mount?


@meow: can I get an invite? thanks!


@v47 congrats! you may be the first person to get it running outside of jamesnvc and I 😛


let me know what can be improved with the getting-started-experience (or sbumit PRs)


re: component/mount, we're open to anything, haven't used either myself... i guess it would help do things like start-server! which we're managing manually right now?


just took a look at mount, nifty! i've added it to the roadmap


Yes, and it would allow you to co-ordinate the different pieces in the app (datomic, redis, app-server, mailing service, etc). For example, you could have 2 mailing services defined, and swap them as needed. One for actually hitting mailgun apis, and one for testing, maybe writing to a log instead...


oooh, that would be very nice


@v47 if you're looking around the code and see "man, this should really be refactored..." please let us know or submit issues


So is this the open source chat I read a hackpad on that was shared in the Datomic channel. Very interested in this project! I am new but can help with the UX stuff.


@grounded_sage: welcome! yes, Braid is one of the projects (there may be another one that is more of an IRC clone and based on matrix, but hasn't started dev yet)


lots of opportunities for UX feedback, we're trying lots of new things


want an invite to the live instance?


also lots of room for prettier styles (something I can do eventually, but, would rather focus on functionality ATM)


@rafd: That would be great! I can't guarantee much time as I am launching a business venture currently but I love this idea as I intend to have a chat integrated into the business and would prefer open source if possible.


I'm still new to programming so this is a great way for me to dive into something and learn whilst doing.


cool! if not code, the feedback would be great; totally willing to help with getting into clojurescript too (I teach web-dev when I'm not working on open-source / startup things)


I am really digging the self hosted solution. I think a great inspiration for this could be Discourse. The other service I plan to use for my business venture. Feels good to be in control of the data.


aye, Braid and Discourse share a lot in common... they're making a forum for better conversations and more chat like... and we're making IRC more forum-like 😛


in truth, Braid started as a UX experiment to see if the 'multiple side-by-side threads' would work, and it did for our team, and now we're just iterating


Well we shall see then. I may be able to sub out Discourse and use Braid. Would be even better to be using something with a technology stack I am more familiar with simple_smile


keep letting me know what is stopping you from doing that and I will keep trying to fix it


anyway, g2 run and teach a class, will be back in a few hours


No probs. Nearly midnight here anyways. I will definitely be sticking around in this chat. This was something I wanted in Discourse, could not be provided by third parties and would cost a lot to implement it. Pretty much the main thing that was holding me back. Just sharing it so you get an idea of how much detail i go into in my UX requests and how I illustrate them.


welcome everyone


@grounded_sage: would you prefer name based tagging (that would require a database with a hierarchy of places) or would geocoding threads by the users 'location' and a 'posts near me' be sufficient?


or.... be ok with creating your tags called #au/perth #au/sydney and have a way to filter by #au/perth and #au/*


the last option would be simplest to implement (but it would require you to come up with the allowed region tags ahead of time)


I'm sure there are free datasets of region/city somewhere out there


I used to do a lot of GIS work.


that's how one online community that I am active in divides up their stuff by geography


said community shall remain unnamed to protect the innocent


There's this available with a CC license:


though it is more of a forum


I guess that's more geoip though, not like a library of placenames or whatnot


have created issues for both the recommendations:


197 is likely to come much sooner than 196


hey everyone, I’m trying to build braid for the first time and it’s throwing errors about being unable to find datomic-pro. I gather it’s not on clojars for licensing reasons, but I couldn’t find any info on where to get those poms that looked up to date


@chris oh, yeah, you need to sign up for a datomic license


you can just change the dependency to datomic-free too


datomic pro is needed to actually persist to a database; it doesn’t actually cost anything to just sign up, as I recall


@chris: you’ll need to start the datomic db running too; that is unfortunately kind of glossed over in the docs; I will expand that


FYI, if you're one of the users testing the live braid instance, refresh the client


@chris thanks for trying things out, I'll try to change the default to use datomic-free and push an update, will let you know


@rafd: I think the user created tags would get out of hand. I like the idea of a 'posts near me' style filter that could have a radius set by the user. Having the phone automatically provide location data can become a privacy concern.. If I remember correctly facebook used to do it with an active of inactive arrow in the messenger box.... but no longer seems to do it on my messenger app. I'm assuming name based tagging would offer similar functionality to the bulk of google maps usage (as you can do both geocoding and names in Gmaps). So that is searching a city 'name' and coming up with results of various countries with that city, suburb, street. Then either selecting from the options or the user refines their search. So both Geocoding and 'name based' would be good. The latter being the most important one I feel. Geocoding I feel is only really good for events and wanting to connect with people there from a community by using a near me/defined radius around you. Or the user is in a new region and prefers the phone to do the work for them instead of going into Google maps to find out what city/suburb they are in. I quite like the way that Gumtree and Meetup do their searching (Gumtree I find is better because you can put in more than cities.. eg States and Countries). I'm guessing they use geocoding on the back end for this as they both allow selecting a region by name and then searching a distance 'nearby'. Though I don't know enough about all this stuff to speculate and say how it is all done.


I just had a look at 197. That seems like a versatile way things could be done as I am assuming that is something that can provide functionality even when not talking about location data. Eg - Pop culture chat. #games/, #games/fantasy, #games/sci-fi, #movies/


Interesting points, @grounded_sage ; I think we’ve been thinking of braid as mainly grouping things in that way via organizations to this point


i.e. things would be group by organization — e.g. clojurians — then you would look at tags within that group; so, in that model, you’d maybe make a clojurians_au group with it’s own set of location-specific tags