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Mark Addleman04:05:35

I'm trying to push a jar to a private repo with the following command

boot push -r repo_name -f ~/.m2/repository/athena/jdbc/2.0.2/jdbc-2.0.2.jar -p /tmp/META-INF/maven/Athena/AthenaJDBC42/pom.xml
and i get the following error message
clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo: Multiple jar entries match: .*/pom.xml
any idea what I'm doing wrong?


@mark340 my guess would be jdbc-2.0.2.jar already contains a pom.xml


what the error sounds like is that the jar contains more than one pom.xml


or maybe that’s encapsulated by what you’re saying already


most Maven artifacts already have an embedded pom.xml

Mark Addleman19:05:48

Ah, thanks. I ended up uploading the third-party jar to our repo manually.