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Thanks for all the great advice regarding api gateway. Currently I’m back using the lambda proxy functionality so that I can code more Clojure and less API Gateway. I’m trying my luck with the serverless lumo plugin that nervous system has made, and it works up until I’m trying to package a dependency. Then I get a lein error. I have no idea about why Leiningen comes in to the picture:

$ serverless package
Serverless: Targeting [snip]...
Command failed: lein update-in :cljs-lambda assoc :functions '[{:name "lumo-example-dev-example" :invoke lumo-example.core/example}]' -- cljs-lambda build :output /Users/grav/myapp/.serverless/ :quiet
'cljs-lambda' is not a task. See 'lein help'.


Okay, seems the plugin is simply ignoring when I specify lumo as a map in the serverless.yaml. And even if I specify serverless package --lumo, it does use lumo, but does not use whatever options I specify in the yaml.


Oh … used old version of serverless-cljs-plugin … now it works.


@grav yes i use it every day now and contributed the lumo part so feel free to ping me if something is not working ;)


@richiardiandrea It’s working perfectly. What got me stuck is that the lumo-example on master is using 0.2.0 and not the newest 0.2.2. Also thinking of contributing with an example that contains an API gw endpoint and uses some dependencies. That took me a bit to get working, so an example would be awesome for the next n00b :-)

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