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How relevant is it know in 2018?


It's an excellent book, but the Incanter library which it's based on is unfortunately pretty much dead by now. However, it's got a lot of stuff on basic statistical concepts so it's a good read if you're looking to brush up on that.

Fahd El Mazouni15:05:17

which library do you think has a long life ahead of it ?


Afaik kixi.stats looks most promising at the moment.

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data science is such a broad topic now, it really depends on what you are doing.


Incanter isn't entirely dead; It's seems to sort of be in a coma. The master branch and website haven't had updates in years (last time I checked) but there's some dev/ or v2 branch that actually moved forward a bunch of work. That having been said, it's sort of a massive beast, and without a more active community and up to date documentation, it's a little hard to recommend investing time/code in over some of the new, lighter upstarts in this space. Maybe this will change, but I've personally gotten tired of holding my breath.


Would love to have someone in the project convince me things are looking on the up, but I'll believe it when I see it.