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I’m including metasoarous/oz {:mvn/version "1.5.6"}in an older version of Biff. The Biff version is (`{com.biffweb/biff {:git/url "" :sha "83622612e39e5b0aaa6a496dac9c72947776a870"}`). I think you all mentioned how I can determine which version of biff that is, but I’ve forgotten. 😳 However, it was created around Dec. 13 of last year. At any rate, I’m getting goog.require errors, specifically that it can’t find hasch.core. I had tried the alpha version of oz with the same result. I did not have the error with the latest version of Biff when I put oz in as a dep. I could bring the project forward into a newer version of Biff, but thought I’d touch base here first. Any thoughts?

Jacob O'Bryant22:03:14

From doing a git log on the biff repo, that commit was from Dec 17--so you're basically on Biff v0.5.5. So if you want to upgrade you can follow the instructions for each release one-at-a-time, starting from v0.5.6: In this case, I would be surprised if upgrading Biff fixes the problem--is there possibly some other difference between the old project and the new project? I guess it doesn't hurt to try upgrading Biff. A handy trick is to inspect the output of clj -Stree on each of the projects, e.g. maybe pass it to diff


Cool… I’ll try clj -Stree… and honestly, bringing the relevant code in the project into a fresh Biff instance (as opposed to upgrading) might be a good idea anyway. I do a lot of thrashing and sometimes when I do this I end up actually needing 1/4 of the code.

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