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Testing out new EAP version and was wondering if it can be marked as compatible. There's a perf issue here[0] regarding polygot code that I'm experiencing and I'm wondering if the new version will fix it as suggested? • [0]:


I just had a look at that issue, but I can’t see anything suggesting that I might need to fix Cursive? The bug is in an area which Cursive uses, but as far as I can tell it’s a platform fix.


Sorry, the issue is not the bug @U0567Q30W, the issue is I'm trying to update cursive to use the new EAP and I'm being told the version is not supported, I assumed you could add it to the list of plugins that I can install?


If you click on the Cursive entry in the Plugins Marketplace, do you get a button offering to upgrade it?


Oh wait, are you using the stable version of Cursive, and you want to upgrade to the EAP of IntelliJ? Currently only the Cursive EAPs have support for the IntelliJ EAP, although I’m planning to release the stable version shortly.


I'm using EAP Intellij yes


But not EAP Cursive?


Where can I grab that?


I can't activate EAP builds in the intellij EAP as it's not letting me install cursive in the first place


Check the doc link I sent, it tells you how to do that.


So it links to the user guide which says:

When you first install Cursive you'll be prompted to choose whether you'd like to receive EAP builds, but if you change your mind later you can always change the setting at Settings→Languages & Frameworks→Clojure→Check for EAP builds. After enabling this option, you can then go to Settings→Plugins and search for "Cursive" again as described above to see if there are any EAP builds currently available.
There isn't an option under Languages & Frameworks for Clojure. Unless you mean something else?


That link should go to the troubleshooting page of the userguide, specifically the “Cursive on IntelliJ EAP builds” section.


Ah I found the zip bit


If not, check that section manually, it will tell you what you need to do.


Right, I'll see if this has the same issue with perf, thanks @U0567Q30W!


Hmm, the behaviour is a bit odd, the CPU is going a lot higher, but the fans aren't spinning quite as much...


i guess, this might apply to CLJC files too, right?


This should fix both.

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