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Hey, could someone suggest the best way to learn CLJS (docs, courses, books)? Many thanks!


Depends on your preferences. I mostly used the CLJ/CLJS websites.


Could you advise some cljs sites?


Cool, i know that we have clojure buy don't know that we have clojurescript 😃


If you already know some clojure, might be a good resource

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There are many good books on Clojure. The Joy of Clojure, Programming Clojure, Clojure for the Brave and True are great introductions and there are more that are certainly also worth reading, each with different styles. After I read some introductory material and did some basic tutorials, I started to use a lot: Load up a REPL and then you can just literally go through the namespaces function after function. Look for stuff that interests you, try them out. Look at the examples and tips. Oh, and and are both information dense. But a lot of things are explained very accurately there. When I got confused about something, especially if it was conceptual, I would visit these sites and read the related topics again. Additionally after a while I started to read the source code more and more as well. I find it beneficial to not only know how to use something but to understand better what it actually does. Edit: Oops I just realized the question was about CLJS specifically!

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> Oops I just realized the question was about CLJS specifically! > I wouldn't worry too much about that. A lot of overlap between CLJ / CLJS. Any Clojure education will also benefit your ClojureScript code.

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