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Noah Bogart04:03:36 a Rubocop and Kibit inspired linter focused on style and code shape, providing an easily extendable interface for adding new and custom lints. (77 different rules and counting!) v0.1.119 is upon us. It includes a whole bunch of deep changes and adjustments, but the primary one is clj-kondo style #_:splint/disable magic comments that allow disabling all or some rules in the following forms. With this feature, I feel that Splint is at a solid base of features and usability. Documentation is lacking a bit but I will be turning my attention toward it for the next release. I’ve created #splint for discussion of the tool.

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borkdude13:03:08 static analyzer and linter for Clojure code that sparks joy 2023.03.17 • Support inline macro configuration. See Short syntax to disable linters: {:ignore [:unresolved-symbol]} or {:ignore true}, valid in ns-metadata, :config-in-ns, :config-in-call new :var-same-name-except-case linter: warn when vars have names that differ only in case (important for AOT compilation and case-insensitive filesystems) ( • warn on :jvm-opts in top level of deps.edn detect invalid arity call for function passed to update, update-in, swap!, swap-vals!, send, send-off, and send-via ( • add support for java member analysis, via new java-member-definitions bucket ( • add hooks-api/set-node and hooks-api/set-node? ( • False positive on clojure.core/aget with more than two args • push images to GHCR ( • false positive :misplaced-docstring in clojure.test/deftest

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Inline macro config in action:


:jvm-opts detection:

Noah Bogart13:03:02

these are some amazing features!


inline macro configuration - great!