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Kenneth Gitere04:04:42

Hi. I have just added clojure-lsp so that Emacs can pick it up and now I can't write a single thing without the lsp formatting after every keystroke. Is there a way to disable this?


@gitere81 You might want to join the #lsp channel if you're not in there already and see if they can help.

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Hi, I'm getting a stack overflow error in a recursive function (`search`) that I'm having trouble tracking down, and I'd appreciate any help. I'm using recur which I thought meant that it would be tail-call optimized, and there are no other recursive calls, so I don't where to start looking. The code is , and the problem (from Advent of Code 2015) is a pretty standard search, where I check if the first entry on a path matches a target, and if doesn't, generate the next states from that entry and repeat. Thanks!


Ooh, that seems likely, thanks!


So I am finding :( Thanks for the tip, I will have to have a think.