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Good morning! This Happy Saturday I celebrate being able to get a Clojure prompt on a Windows machine of mine (where clojure refuses to work) this easy:

PS C:\Users\Public\calva> scoop install deps.clj
Installing 'deps.clj' (0.0.14) [64bit] (8.4 MB) [==================================================================] 100%
Checking hash of ... ok.
Extracting ... done.
Linking ~\scoop\apps\deps.clj\current => ~\scoop\apps\deps.clj\0.0.14
Creating shim for 'deps'.
'deps.clj' (0.0.14) was installed successfully!
PS C:\Users\Public\calva> deps
Clojure 1.10.3
user=> "Hurray!"


and morning


Morning! Getting closer to 30 and I’m not sure how should I feel about it. Turned 29 yesterday. No desire for family or kids (which is unheard of in Georgia 😄) and strong urge to keep advancing in my software engineering career but also to go back to school and study Philosophy for a couple of years)) All was set-up last year but damn Covid got in the way.


Belated congrats! I'm almost 25 years ahead of you. I don't regret much, but not going back to school and study philosophy is one such thing.


Belated thanks! cider Yeah, I’m trying to minimize the regrets I might have in 25 years 😄


Turned 50 last year. First kid at 37. Spent most of my time focusing on my hobbies (skiing, climbing, now programming, skateboarding and windsurfing)


Went for a season of skiing in Chamonix between my bachelor and masters. That season turned into five, never got a master. No regrets.


If I were to change one thing, it would be to have a somewhat lower salary, as a higher salary limits what jobs you can afford to take.


That’s too late to change now, as my consumption matches my salary 😂

😂 7

I turned 40, but I realize it's just a number.


@slipset excellent humblebrag 😉

😂 3

Made a video showing bb tasks as it is implemented currently. I'd love to have your feedback!


I have to admit that I've never actually used babashka. I rarely write command line scripts, mostly just use git and shadow-cljs and everything else is RUN statements in Dockerfiles. When is your Docker killer coming out, @borkdude?


@simongray bb tasks is meant to replace 80%-90% of the Makefiles in Clojure project


or wrapper bash scripts let's say


If you are looking for a Dockerfile killer, maybe look at (disclaimer: I've never used it, but I've heard it's good)


I don't use Make either 😆 thanks for the link to into-docker. No examples in the README, though, so kinda hard to visualise for me.


I guess they could do better on their marketing (cc @rahul080327)


I read the Pragmatic Programmer a while back so I am convinced of the utility of classic Unix programs, just never needed them much at all. I'm very conservative when it comes to adding new tools to my toolbox.


yet you use Docker? 😆


Difficult to see a way around Docker when to comes to making reproducible deployments


But I can relate. This is why I'm using Clojure on the command line and de-emphasize the use of bash/nodeJS/Python because they are not the primary tools in my toolbox


Yeah makes a lot of sense


But if those tools work for you, by all means keep using them. I'm not after converting Python developers into Clojure for scripting for example.


I think bb tasks might save me from bringing in npm or Make or some such into a project I’m working with. I’d love to be able to stay babashka only. Will check it out!

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