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Ryan Jerue12:04:00

Is there a way to specify a specific jackInEnv object per replConnectSequences as opposed to one global object for all of them?


There isn't. Can you explain the use case a bit? Maybe this should be implemented.

Ryan Jerue15:04:27

My use case is that I have different lein profiles that I use when running unit tests vs. just doing development. They also require slightly different env files. It'd be really convenient to be able to put a jackInEnv object into a custom connect sequence as opposed to changing the global object every time. My next Q was if it was not possible currently if you'd be open to a contribution. I'd be happy to take a look at this 🙂


Awesome. Please file an issue about it. And PR is entirely welcome. Me and @brandon.ringe are both here for any help you might need getting the dev environment set up.

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calva 2

I think a property jackInEnv at the top level of the sequence would make sense. It would not be used for the connect scenario anyway.


(I mean, so env is more straightforward as a name, but would be a bit less clear.)

Ryan Jerue15:04:16

envVariables would be my favorite, but I think consistency with jackInEnv is a good signal that the two are related


Jack-in needs to be in the name for the reasons I stated. Connect sequences are also used connect-only scenarios. And then Calva does not start any process and can’t give it any environment.


We have started to use markdownDescription instead of description for the settings schema, btw and fyi.