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$ echo 'abc/' | clj-kondo --lint -
<stdin>:1:5: error: Invalid symbol: abc/.
linting took 21ms, errors: 1, warnings: 0
Why does the error get reported at column 5 (after the slash) instead of the start of the symbol? It causes a tiny hard-to-see squiggly line in Emacs, but I'm not sure if that's a frontend issue with flycheck-clj-kondo.


ok, I'll log an issue if this isn't a design decision. Still a big improvement from the time I last updated, where it would report at the start of the file 🙂


it's not a conscious decision I think


@qythium Thanks for the PR :)


$ ./clj-kondo --lint - <<< 'foo/'
<stdin>:1:1: error: Invalid symbol: foo/.

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Thanks for all your work on clj-kondo! I still find it amazing how easy it is to go from "huh, why does that squiggly line look weird" to digging out the root cause and fixing it. Yay for open source 🙂

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