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hey guys let me ask you something, if I’m already good on html + css + js, used to ReactJS, should I still learn clojure script or I can keep my frontend with my JS skills? what do you guys think? I mean, for me it’s ok to learn that, as I’m already doing the backend in Clojure, but if one day the company decides to keep me only in the backend, I suppose we are going to restrict a lot to hire a frontend guy.


I would argue the opposite.


I know more people who want to write CLJS at their job then JS.


If people use underscore the paradigmatic leap to ClojureScript is pretty small. You already use map, filter, reduce, etc. If someone can’t pick it up pretty quickly then you likely don’t want to hire them anyway.


yeah… I work on a small company and I already convinced them to use Clojure in the backend as the team is only me and myself… but now I’m afraid to stick the whole stack to clojure… just that haha… I’m not opposite to do that at all, just wondering...


if the team's that small, i don't think it makes sense to have a front end guy anyway


next few people on the team will neeed to be able to do front and backend


maybe a someone with a focus on frontend, but not a js-only type


@leo.ribeiro: Sounds like you are pretty much the perfect candidate to use ClojureScript - you've got all the hard parts figured out already! I've found a huge amount of value in having both front-end and back-end in Clojure and ClojureScript. For me, the js to cljs transition has had a huge effect on the amount of meaningful work I can get done, as it just took away so much of the mental overhead of js-specific weirdness to check and remember. I've also gone from liking programming in js to loving programming in cljs, so it's been a hugely positive change for me.


nice to know @shaun-mahood … thank for your feedback also @jjfine


I think that I need to give it a real shot


@leo.ribeiro: Have you experimented with cljs at all yet? We can probably come up with some good pointers or places to start for you depending on where you are coming from on the tooling and library side.


@shaun-mahood: I started from aphyr+brave clj and then I finished the whole book from luminus author Dmitri Sotnikov (web development with clojure)


that’s why my question, because he uses cljs on the whole project of the book


his book is very good


I liked more than aphyr and brave because it is a real business case project


Yeah, I really liked that book - did you go through the first or 2nd edition (currently in Beta)?


I bought the beta one


from pragmatic


Oh then you're pretty set I think, that's a great starting point.


if you have a lil bit time it would be awesome if you could give me a feedback on this exercise that I did on clojure:


shaun-mahood: I’m not using luminus because I like to know what I’m doing, like which libraries I really need, and how to glue them together


@leo.ribeiro: I'm actually the same way, I started with Luminus and have moved off it to gluing things up myself. I am looking at going back to it though, as it handles a lot of things for you that I've had to add in to my projects as they've grown in scope and complexity. As far as your example goes, I'm not the right person for really detailed feedback as I am still developing my own opinions and ability to write idiomatic Clojure code, but from a brief look at it the code looks fine to me.


@shaun-mahood: thank you my friend! I think that my backend is already set for 99% of the projects using only the server (http-kit) + json processor (cheshire) + router (compojure) + database handle (jdbc). that’s it for the mostly projects that I have hahah


@leo.ribeiro: No problem, I hope you have a great time with cljs!


yes, now I’m deciding how I proceed in the front


What's the simplest way to work with binary data in clojure? I want to read the first and last 64kb of a file, then md5 hash it.