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I gave a talk on reagent to react js devs, and they really seemed to enjoy it. I encourage you to spread the good news about Reagent with them!

braai engineer13:07:09

Why can’t I return :key meta from within a component? Do I have to place it at the caller site? E.g. ^{:key 1} [my-comp] vs (defn my-comp [] ^{:key 1} [:div …])

braai engineer15:07:51

How do I catch a background page click with reagent so I can collapse all open menus? Clicks tend to bubble.


@petrus: np. i think many people have had this query. so hopefully that blog post is useful.

braai engineer15:07:11

yeah, I wish I could let the component handle its meta-key generation


@petrus: could you elaborate on the issue with background page click?


Still starting out with reagent and I took stab at converting this svg preloader animation ( into a reagent component. I’m pretty comfortable with javascript and react so I just want to make sure I’m not doing something egregious since this “feels” unfamiliar. Here’s the gist

braai engineer15:07:02

Given a container div with some child menus that toggle on click, if I add an :on-click handler to the container, it is triggered when I click on the child components.


pretty interesting stuff

braai engineer15:07:55

ok, so onClickCapture just calls (.stopPropagation e) for you? This is what I ended up doing on my menu handlers.


@petrus: don’t really know without grokking the documentation myself.


but it does look that way


@miguelb: good stuff. it looks about right to me


that’s my first cljs code review!


i think there is #C053PTJE6 as well


oh didn’t about that one, thanks again


@miguelb: np. keep on with cljs! metal