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Anyone found a good way to run figwheel with Cordova?


Thanks @mac, that’s actually my own repo 🙂 Trouble is - the cordova-run app doesn’t update (browser/device) until I kill the cordova run, and re-run it. Thought I had it once, but apparently didn’t.


Figwheel Client and Server have different versions!! 
Figwheel Client Version "0.5.4-5" is not equal to Figwheel Sidecar Version "0.5.4-7". Shutting down Websocket Connection!
got this when trying to update fighwheel to 0.5.4-7. I use lein-figwheel in plugins and figwheel-sidecar for running my figwheel script. In no place I have 0.5.4-5 defined. Maybe something from the scss script, I roll back to "0.5.4-5" for now (which works wonderfully).


@hlolli: you just probably needed to refresh your browser and make sure that you are running code with the newly compiled client in it


or even shift refresh