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@carocad: Proto REPL doesn't use the Atom Ink console but it would be an interesting experiment to try it. You could take a look at the Julia client to see how it's used


I have a feeling you might be thinking of putting the icon in the existing REPL output of Proto REPL. It would be useful to have an icon there next to specific lines to indicate if it's standard output or the results of execution, docs, etc.


Every proto repl writes something to the REPL it does it using that method.


You should be able to use the atom decorations API to add a class when text is appended. Each class would add an icon in the gutter.


I think this comment should work to put icons in the gutter


@jasongilman: thanks for the detailed input. I have never programmed in coffescript so this might take a while 😕. BTW, yes I was thinking about putting the icons on the REPL output of Proto-repl. Is there any specific reason why the repl is not modeled as an ink-console but as a special editor pane?


@carocad The only reason is that I started it before I knew about Atom ink. I haven't evaluated whether the console would work well for Proto REPL or not.