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Drew Verlee03:10:56

Is it possible to rename an ecr repo? Put a better way, "how would you rename an ecr repo"?

Drew Verlee07:10:46

I'll give that a close read... Does that link tell me how to tell aws to do the replacement?

Drew Verlee07:10:59

And thanks a ton!


Well, no, or that depends how you provision resources in AWS. Don’t think you can do it in the console, for example.


I use Terraform - if I would change the name in the Terraform config, then Terraform would create a new repo, and updated the references to the old repo wherever that referenced in the config.

Drew Verlee15:10:45

@U06BEJGKD by "provision the resource" are my options cf or tf?


There are probably many more options, but Cloudformation and Terraform are certainly among the most widely used. AWS CDK is getting popular, as well ( I have experience with Terraform, which I highly recommend. As for your specific question - how did you create the ECR repo? In the console? Then I guess you should just create a new repo with the new name and start using that, and delete the old.

Drew Verlee17:10:17

thanks @U06BEJGKD that makes sense, yeah, i think we can build a clojure cdk using the cloudformation resource specification. i tried starting to do that here. but currently i'm still in the research phase to see if it's possible. I looked at jsii and i didn't look as appealing as using the spec (above).

Drew Verlee16:10:59

Would anyone be up for a live virtual online meeting about devops via clojure? Right here in this channel via huddle? As to when, i'm down for this whenever.

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Drew Verlee23:10:30

Sounds good, you tell me when in the next couple days, and we can just jump into a huddle and chat for a bit. I'm open ended, just want to talk and show how i interact with aws

Dimitar Uzunov11:10:22

Sure @U0DJ4T5U1! I would love to check it out and exchange experience. Currently I’m home with my daughter who has a cold but I expect her to recover if not tomorrow then on Wednesday . I’m in Europe

Drew Verlee01:10:28

@ULE3UT8Q5 let me know when your free tomorrow.

Dimitar Uzunov06:10:29


Drew Verlee19:10:26

err your 8 hours ahead of me. So maybe like friday at like 10am my time and 6pm your time?

Dimitar Uzunov04:10:13

I'm flying out on Friday, sometime next week then?

Drew Verlee17:10:58

sounds good, will make it happen 🙂