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Drew Verlee20:10:42

Has anyone effectively used datalog (datomic, juxt, datascript, etc..) to manage and organize there cloudformation information?

Drew Verlee20:10:36

Having to use the aws console to go from my cf stack -> resources -> other info is fairly exhausting. I'm thinking something like: [?s :stack/name "test"] [?s :stack/resource ?res] [?res :resource/name "repo"] [?res :cloudwatch/logs ?logs] where logs is the url of the log that you can then query against to get information like events or the fact that my cf deploy failed bc, etc...


The resource mapping will be tricky. You may be able to get by with a 3rd party tool like

Drew Verlee23:10:59

What do you mean resource mapping? I'm thinking the resource name to arn mapping