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Hi! I deleted ~/.m2 because some trouble with a java dependency, and now my babashka script fails with:

$ bb_http_server.clj || cat `which bb_http_server.clj`
----- Error --------------------------------------------------------------------
Type:     java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException
Message:  /home/teodorlu/.m2/repository/org/babashka/http-server/0.1.11/http-server-0.1.11.jar
Location: /home/teodorlu/.local/bin/bb_http_server.clj:7:1
Any advice on what I can do to get back into a working state? Is there a cache babashka uses somewhere that I can delete, perhaps?


edit: i'm going to try change the script to a different version of babashka.http-server, and see if that triggers a redownload.


-Sforce, same as Clojure CLI. This problem has been posted a few messages back as well

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Can you maybe shrink the original message a bit, it's flooding the channel

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Posting the original message here in a thread instead:

$ bb_http_server.clj || cat `which bb_http_server.clj`
----- Error --------------------------------------------------------------------
Type:     java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException
Message:  /home/teodorlu/.m2/repository/org/babashka/http-server/0.1.11/http-server-0.1.11.jar
Location: /home/teodorlu/.local/bin/bb_http_server.clj:7:1

----- Context ------------------------------------------------------------------
3: (require '[babashka.deps :as deps])
4: (deps/add-deps
5:  '{:deps {org.babashka/http-server {:mvn/version "0.1.11"}}})
7: (require '[babashka.http-server :as http-server])
   ^--- /home/teodorlu/.m2/repository/org/babashka/http-server/0.1.11/http-server-0.1.11.jar
9: (apply http-server/-main *command-line-args*)

----- Stack trace --------------------------------------------------------------
sun.nio.fs.UnixFileAttributeViews/Basic      - <built-in>                 - <built-in>      - <built-in>
babashka.impl.classpath/path-from-jar        - <built-in>
babashka.impl.classpath.Loader/fn--13316     - <built-in>
clojure.core/some                            - <built-in>
babashka.impl.classpath/source-for-namespace - <built-in>
babashka.main/exec/load-fn--31119            - <built-in>
user                                         - /home/teodorlu/.local/bin/bb_http_server.clj:7:1

#!/usr/bin/env bb

(require '[babashka.deps :as deps])
 '{:deps {org.babashka/http-server {:mvn/version "0.1.11"}}})

(require '[babashka.http-server :as http-server])

(apply http-server/-main *command-line-args*)


Perhaps deps.clj could be more clever here and check that all directories exist on the classpath, to invalidate the cache. This should be a relatively fast operation and easy to do in Clojure (as opposed to bash?). Pinging @U064X3EF3 to see what he thinks of this.

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Looks like I'm getting the same error with -Sforce:

$ bb -Sforce .local/bin/bb_http_server.clj
----- Error --------------------------------------------------------------------
Type:     java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException
Message:  /home/teodorlu/.m2/repository/org/babashka/http-server/0.1.11/http-server-0.1.11.jar
Location: /home/teodorlu/.local/bin/bb_http_server.clj:7:1


@U3X7174KS This is because add-deps which probably is used inside that script doesn't "obey" that flag

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Just wipe ~/.clojure/.cpcache and ./.cpcache and try again

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I'll make an issue for -Sforce + add-deps

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Deleted ~/.clojure/.cpcache - and now everything is working. Thanks a lot @U04V15CAJ 🙌


Tank you! 😊

Alex Miller (Clojure team)13:10:45

I’ve considered doing that classpath check but it is valid to have empty source dirs so it would need to be a bit nuanced (just looking at jars probably). I would not expect it to be a perf issue in bash (but that’s something to check)

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Hmm, empty source dirs. Good point.


Or rather, non-existing source dirs, right


Hah, I noticed that gitlibs are already covered by the manifests checks, so only checking jar files should be sufficient


That is, removing the gitlibs directory should already work today, without problems

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:10:46

this is kind of a separate question, but is this really a "faithful port" if you add features before the upstream?


That's a good question, that's why I pinged you in this issue as I expected you would have feedback on this.


If you think this is a bad idea, I'll remove it


I think another edge case here is :local/root "foo.jar" which should also not need a new classpath calculation if missing


so, you're right, I'll wait for the upstream then

Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:10:44

I will take a look at it, maybe today or tomorrow, not sure yet


ok, reverted and waiting for upstream. at least we got the edge cases more clearly


@U064X3EF3 I see you implemented the .jar checks so I'll go ahead and re-add the code I reverted Have you thought about the :local/root "foo.jar" case, which does allow missing jar files? It's a bit of a pathological case though, so maybe worth ignoring


Another minor issue: can you maybe change the default branch in that repo to 1.11.1? Then we can see the newest commits right away


As for the non-existing :local/root "foo.jar" case. the tools jar could emit a

file similar to .manifests with only the existing jar files after the classpath was produced, so only that list would be checked

Alex Miller (Clojure team)12:10:09

I think it’s right to error if any jar is missing

Alex Miller (Clojure team)12:10:15

I’ll get the default branch switched


@U064X3EF3 It doesn't error, it just marks the classpath cache stale. So if there would be a library on the classpath with a :local/root "non-existing.jar" this would always result in a stale classpath check, while no error would be happening similar to non-existing source dirs on the classpath

Alex Miller (Clojure team)12:10:02

It should only be stale if it’s missing?


@U064X3EF3 What I'm saying is: • you said it's ok when source dirs are missing • it can also be the case that jar files are missing when people use :local/root "some-jar-file.jar"- what's the difference between src and jar file - that might also be ok? why not? • someone making a mistake in their library could cause end users to always have stale classpath checks with 1177 - it seems wrong that some library's mistake could cause slowness on end users' systems


I'll make an example library to show the problem

Alex Miller (Clojure team)12:10:16

The “someone” and “end user” here are the same person in the use case for local jars, which is for pulling local jars into your application for something like a database driver jar

Alex Miller (Clojure team)12:10:34

I understand what you’re saying, don’t need an example

Alex Miller (Clojure team)12:10:55

I just don’t think it’s an issue


OK. I see the program is erroring with a missing local/root jar, so that's covered then:

$ clj
Error building classpath. Manifest type not detected when finding deps for missing-jar/missing-jar in coordinate #:local{:root "/private/tmp/missing-jar/missing-jar.jar"}

Alex Miller (Clojure team)12:10:45

Yeah, that’s what I was expecting

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Cool. I think -Sforce will probably be never needed anymore after this change 🤞

Alex Miller (Clojure team)12:10:50

Yeah, should be much less relevant

Alex Miller (Clojure team)12:10:33

Use of RELEASE is maybe the biggest cause to need it after


Checking another corner case: This isn't supported right? {:paths ["missing-jar.jar"]} But could still trigger the edge case described above


If this isn't supported, might want to check if all entries in :paths are directories (if they exist) in tools.deps or still improve the stale check for missing jars?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)13:10:09

I’m ok with doing less in the paths check, sometimes there are useful hacks there. The missing jar check error could probably be better


What is the proper way to share some variables among tasks with babashka in a bb.edn? Sort of how one would define some shared vars at the top of a makefile



{:tasks {:init (def x 1)}}

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Alternatively you could make a bb/tasks.clj file and require this in your tasks and put your constants etc in there


and add :paths ["bb"]


Hi there, when I build a uberscript I receive a bunch of

[babashka] Ignoring expression while assembling uberscript: (ns lib.deployments.gobo (:require [acuity.core3.models.enum :as enum] [com.cohesic.acuity.core2.models.location :as nil] [com.cohesic.acuity.core2.models.patient-type :as nil] [com.cohesic.acuity.core2.models.priority :as nil] [ :as nil])) near /home/cokap/git/cohesic/acuity/scripting/scripts/bb/corrective-fixes/report-headers.clj:7:77
[babashka] Ignoring read error while assembling uberscript near /home/cokap/git/cohesic/acuity/scripting/scripts/bb/corrective-fixes/report-headers.clj:12:99
Do I need to worry? The script seems to work but I am curious about what is happening there


Those are warnings because those expressions could not successfully be analyzed, perhaps because of :as nil?


But it's intended that it continues despite those warnings


ok, I have the following in the namespace referred in the first warning [com.cohesic.acuity.core2.models.location :as-alias model.location]


(and similar others)


welcome to put together a repro repository, so I can try it locally


could be :as-alias related


I created this one But I actually found the reason of the first issue - there was no namespace backing that alias There are other warnings in there when you run bb build


how to build the uberscript?


See above message, bb build


but there isn't even a bb.edn in this repo


no? wait a sec let me check


@U04V15CAJ apologies, for some reason it was not committed


I suspected as much :) Yes, it definitely has to do with :as-alias, thanks for the repro

Gary Berger19:10:42

i am a little confused how to use babashka.cli with bb.edn tasks framework. I simply want to parse some command options and all my logic is in the bb.edn file . Is that possible?


Yes. You can call (babashka.cli/parse-opts *command-line-args*) of course, but there is also tasks integration:

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