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Drew Verlee04:09:13

Any idea how to get a full list of clients for the e.g s3, cloudwatch, etc...

Drew Verlee04:09:13

would it just be the deps.edn deps key "name"? -> logs -> (aws/client {:api :logs ...})

Drew Verlee04:09:44

yes, that seems to be the case.

Drew Verlee05:09:36

i'm guessing someone has built an aws cloudwatch client for clojure and i don't need to re-invent the wheel here... but it might be just as easy using clojures built in function

Dimitar Uzunov09:09:55

@U0DJ4T5U1 do you mean the list of APIs? This library just uses the api descriptions from the js sdk. It is described here: I don’t see cloudwatch in the list, but if you are making cloudwatch rules you can use the eventbridge api (aws renamed it)

Dimitar Uzunov10:09:40

ok so Cloudwatch is there @U0DJ4T5U1, check out :monitoring, :logs and others

Drew Verlee12:09:28

@ULE3UT8Q5 Ty, yes i meant the list of apis. I was able to find cloudwatch, though as your comment suggests, there are a couple different takes on logs. I sort of want all the logs, So i can search them...

Dimitar Uzunov12:09:48

this is the cloudwatch api, it is just that cw is actually multiple services

Drew Verlee15:09:00

@U0514DPR7 yep, the list of "api"'s you can pass as the :api key to aws/client seems to be (->> "latest-releases.edn" slurp edn/read-string keys (map name) (map keyword)) it's not obvious from the start thats the case though.

Drew Verlee05:09:58

Would there be a wider interest in some examples of how to pull data from cloudwatch using aws-api? If so, I might try to clean up the code i write and make a small library and/or set of examples. I mostly foresee having to write some pagination code using the iteration function (as i mention in the thread above). Meanwhile, if you read this and happen to have done this already and want to share notes let me know 🙂

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